Monday, May 16, 2011

What is qualifier/eliminator(playoff) in Indian Premiere League [IPL 4]

Unilke previous IPL tournaments and other sporting tournaments, this year's Indian Premiere League[IPL] will consist of playoff stages : qualifier and eliminator instead of semi-finals and finals. eliminator and qualifier are virtually quaterfinals and semifinals. But with just 4 teams advancing to play-off stage, how's it possible to have quaterfinals,semi-finals and final. We'll explain this format to you in just a moment.

History of qualifier/eliminator format
This format was first used in New Zealand's domestic tournament. To bring it to India was initiative taken by Ravi Shastri and Sunil Gavaskar.

Qualifier/eliminator format explained
The total teams are divided into two groups. After playing all group stage matches, four teams at the top of the table will be chosen to advance to playoff stage.Note that final table constitutes of teams from both groups. So there will be total of four teams from both groups chosen from 12 IPL teams.

Now team placed 1st in group standing will play team placed 2nd.This is called 1st qualifier.Its like 1st semifinal. The winner will advance directly to the finals.Now the losing team from qualifier 1 doesn't get eliminated. In fact it plays in qualifier 2.Now what is qualifier 2?? We'll explain it in a moment.First lets talk about eliminator. It is played between team placed 3rd and team placed 4th in group standing.It is like quaterfinal. i.e. winner will advance to semifinal(qualifier 2 in this case) and loser gets eliminated.By this time you may have got hint about what qualifier 2 is. Yes, it is 2nd semifinal played between loser of qualifier 1 and winner of eliminator. The winner of qualifier 2 plays winner of qualifier 1 in the finals.

1st qualifier: Team placed first in group standing vs Team placed second in group standing
Date : May 24
time : 8 pm IST
Venue: MumbaiEliminator: Team placed third in group standing vs Team placed fourth in group standing
Date : May 25
time: 8 pm IST
Venue: Mumbai2nd qualifier: loser of 1st qualifier vs winner of eliminator
Date : May 27
time:8 pm IST
Venue: ChennaiFinal: winner of 1st qualifier vs winner of 2nd qualifier
Date and time: May 28
time:8 pm IST
Venue: Chennai
By this time, Kolkata Knight Riders and Mumbai are all set to advance in playoff stage. The complete fixture of qualifier eliminator will be published soon.


Zuhair Anwar said...

It means the top 2 teams will have 2 chances to reach the final whereas the teams finishing 3 and four will have to go through 2 hurdles to eventually reach the finals. seems quite unfair and unnecessary. It also means that we have a great probability of having a final between the top two teams.

sarit said...

well said Zuhair, but it makes the win at group stage count. In semifinal/final format, the team standing 1st and 4th in group table would have equal chance of reaching final.Its quite unfair as some wins of 1st team are in vain.

Anonymous said...

fuck off....why the hell BCCI took advice from asshole ravi shastri.

Anonymous said...

this is bull shit. I think the whole idea is to have one more game and some more eaters. Because of these assholes..people are loosing intrest in watching cricket.

Girish Pandey said...

Like Zuhair said, there is a great possibility that looser of qualifier 1 may win it all. I am not sure about the advantage. In NBA or NFL, there is a saying that the best teams reach the playoffs and the hottest team reaching the playoff wins it all. Bottom line the top two teams get another crack to win again. its a game, no sweat

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