Sunday, June 26, 2011

Free download Krish cricket PC flash game

Play Krish Cricket Challenge flash game offline by downloading it for free using following technique:

1) Go to following link:

Technique 1:
When your on a website with a flash page just click on View -> Source and find the link to the Flash file in the HTML code. Copy and paste that into a Download Manager or else you can probably nab it through IE

Technique 2:
1. Go to the page with the flash game you want to download.
2. Copy the page URL and paste it into File2HD.
3. Set ‘Filter’ to ‘Objects’ option and click on ‘Get Files’ button.
4. Next, File2HD should retrieve the direct link to the game file.
5. Right click on the link an use ‘Save Link As’ option to save the game to your computer.

Technique 3:
1. Download orbit downloader
2.Hover your mouse on the flash game or flash cartroon. There will be a button appeared near your mouse: 
3.Click the button, then click the "Get Flash File" item
4.The "Create new download" dialog is poped up, then click"ok", the flash game will be downloaded to your drives.

Technique 4:
1. Save page as complete wevbpage
2. Open folder consisting of files associated with web page.
3. Search for .swf file which is required flash game


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