Sunday, October 7, 2012

Watch live Nepal vs Saudi Arabia - ACC Trophy Elite 2012

Nepal, after suffering unexpected defeat in their match against Kuwait , now face Saudi Arabia . The match is essential for Nepal to keep their hopes alive to reach next round. Not only for a win, Nepal must play to improve run rate as UAE, Hong Kong and Kuwait are on par to qualify for next round.

Match Details
Asian Cricket Council Trophy Elite
Group B: Nepal v Saudi Arabia
Venue: Abu Dhabi
Date: Oct 7, 2012
Time: 09:30 local time (05:30 GMT)

Nepal squad
P Airee, P Baskota, B Bhandari, A Bhattarai, BK Das, SP Gauchan, B Karki, P Khadka*, SP Khakurel†, G Malla, AK Mandal, B Regmi, S Regmi, S Vesawkar

Saudi Arabia squad
Abdul Qadir, Ifthakar Ali, Javaid Iqbal, Mohammad Afzal, Mohammad Mohsin, Mohammad Nadeem, Mohammad Ramzan, Nadeem Al-Nadwi*, Nazeer Faaroqui, Omar Sohail†, Omar Zafar, Sufyan Lehri, Suhrab Kilsingatakam, Syed Hassan

Watch live
The match is not covered by any TV channel so live stream is not available.
However you can watch live score


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