Saturday, May 4, 2013

Watch live score update Bermuda vs USA - WCL div 3 2013

Bermuda and USA both have chance to make it to division 2 with USA in more comfortable position. Bermuda have registered victory against stronger US side on just one occasion. This time only a victory won't do, they have to register a win with big margin.

Match Details
ICC World Cricket League Division Three
Bermuda v United States of America at Hamilton
Date: May 4, 2013

Bermuda squad
J Anderson†, LOB Cann, CRM Douglas, T Gibbons, DL Hemp, MO Jones, T Manders, GH Maybury, SD Outerbridge*, DMW Rawlins, J Robinson, DC Stovell, RJ Trott, JJ Tucker

United States of America squad
DA Ahmed, TP Allen, OM Baker, BS Bartley, AL Dodson, EH Hutchinson, NC McGarrell, RA Marshall, SJ Massiah*, Muhammad Ghous, SS Nadkarni, Naseer Jamali, JH Patel, SR Taylor†

Watch live score
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